Online Casino Laws and Safety Measures

As a gambler, you have to know your gambling rights and practice safe gambling. Your security is important when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud or getting into trouble with the law.Most gambling sites are legit, but it is still possible to find fake gambling sites. Such websites do not care about player rights and put players at higher chances of being conned. In this text, you will learn about the laws that every online casino need to put in place to protect gamblers. These will help you to differentiate a real casino from a fake one.


Recognized regulators must license all casinos. You can identify a legit casino from its about us page, where it states the jurisdiction under which it is licenced. If a casino does not have precise information on its licensing, then that’s a red flag. An unlicensed casino is also a fake one. You can also check the licensing through a casino`s Licencing and Regulations section.


All legal casinos must provide a way to protect their customers’ data and cash transfers. Your user data should be kept secret. Otherwise, you are unsafe. The casino must show that it uses updated data encryption methods to protect customer identity.

Proper Money Transfering Options

All casinos must have recognizable withdrawal and depositing methods. Lack of a depositing or withdrawal option is a clear warning sign that a casino is fake. The transaction process must also have clear rules that ensure secure money transfer.

Safe Gambling

A legit casino has to provide various means to control how its customers gamble. Some of the common methods of controlling gambling include:

  • Providing links that provide help for problem gamblers.
  • Setting rules to restrict the amount of money deposited, time spent gambling and amount or types of games.
  • Providing options for gamblers to temporarily or completely close their accounts if they experience gambling problems.

Otis Howe