Four Poker Etiquette Rules All Rookies Should Know

Poker players, like all other gamers, love etiquette at the table. Well, this is not common sense as what might seem very polite on the outside world, might be perceived very negatively at the poker table. Therefore, if you are a rookie at the cards, read the four tips below: But first, read this a disclaimer: The four tips will not teach you how to play poker; there is a lot of literature on that already. They will only keep you from making a fool of yourself on the table.

Know Your Turn

For poker’s sake, know when it is your turn to play. Follow the game and concentrate. Some players might be kind enough to keep you posted once or twice. After that, you become a nuisance and a game spoiler.

Wait for Your Turn

It is especially true when you wish to bet or fold. Wait for the other players to finish before exclaiming your decision. For example, folding before a player takes their turn might keep them from making a call as their winning will have reduced.

Do Not Bluff

Bullying is common in poker. A player can choose to claim that he has the upper hand in the game yet he does not have anything at all. That is called a full bluff. Doing this is risky because other players might ask you to deliver your hot air. It might hurt your friends and earn you heavy penalties in the real game. If you wish to bluff, try semi-bluff. It takes some practice but will come in handy when you put a brave face.

No Peeping

You know how it goes; you feel you might make a better move if you only you knew what cards the next person is holding. While this might be true, you are not allowed to peep over and check. Besides, the awkward giraffe-neck position, others may call you out and boy, what a shame!

Otis Howe